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Neem Seeds

For centuries now, neem and its derivatives have been of immense use in number of fields like agriculture, public health, animal health, medicine, cosmetics, toiletries etc. After passing through the initial hurdles and skepticisms, neem has now been universally accepted as a "magical tree with number of uses and great potential". A number of research programs are being organised and conducted/funded by leading pharmaceutical companies, international and national research organisations for further harnessing the energy and potential of neem tree. It is thought to be the storehouse of biologically active materials which find diverse uses in a number of industries and products. It is surprising how a tree can be an exhaustive knowledge centre with multitude of applications and medicinal and curative properties.

Future of Neem

Trend in Cosmetic Industry

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Trend in Pharmaceutical Industry

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Trend in Health Care Industry

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Trend in Traditional Medicine Industry

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