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Neem in Crop Management

Neem plays a vital role in crop and pest management. The use of neem in the form of neem fertilizers, insecticides, neem seed cake, neem pesticides, neem manure, neem soil conditioner, neem bio control agents etc. treat problems of significant field crops , pests in field crops. Neem helps in controlling the growth of pests and insects in crops, thereby helps in overall increased productivity of agriculture. Neem is a well known crop & pest manager, treating efficiently a large variety of crops and plants and also is an excellent insect/pest growth inhibitor. Every part or product of the neem tree (Azadirachta indica) ( i.e. leaves, oils, stem, barks, oilcake, sawdust etc. ) have been shown to have a significant role to play in pest management.

Neem Pesticides are effective on more than 600 pests & their Species. A list of few different crops & pests on which Neem is Effective is as follows:

ID Crops Pests
1 Cabbage & Cauliflower Aphids, Whiteflies, Diamond back moth, Spodoptera
2 Tomato Leaf miners, Fruit borer, White fly, Aphids
3 Egg plant Whiteflies Red spider mites, Shoot and Fruit borer
4 Okra Aphids, Jassids , Whiteflies, Borer, Red Spider mites, Fruit borer
5 Cotton Whiteflies, Aphids, Leafhoppers, American Bollworm, Spodoptera litura , Red Spider mites, Spotted bollworm, Thrips, Pink bollworms, Cotton Stainers, Helicoverpa armigera, Heliothis
6 Rice Leaf folder, Stem borer, Brown plant hopper, Gall midge, Thrips
7 Gerkin Leafminers
8 Marigold Leafminers
9 Floriculture Whiteflies, Red spider mites
10 Sugar cane Early shoot borer, Internode borer, Whiteflies, Stem Borer, Top Borer, White Grubs, Leaf Hoppers, Scales, Mealy Bugs
11 Coconut, Arecanut Oil Palm, Date Palm Eriophyid mite, Black headed caterpillar, Red Palm weevil, Mealybugs, Rhinoceros Beetle, White Grubs, Scales, Inflorescence caterpillars
12 Brinjal Spotted beetle, Fruit borer, Shoot borer
13 Cucumber Spot Mites
14 French Beans Mites
15 Lab-Lab Black aphids
16 Chickpea Pod borers
17 Pigeon Pea Pigeon Pea Cyst Nematode, Pod borer
18 Oil Seed Crops (Groundnut, Sunflower, Gingely) Leaf miner, Red Pod Flies, Thrips, Helicoverapa Hairy Caterpillar, Prodenia, Aphids, Stem Borers,
19 Sesamom Castor semi looper, Til leaf webber
20 Millets(Sorghum, Ragi, Maize) Shoot fly , Stem borer, Ear head bug, Midge, Pink Borer ,Cut Worms, Flea Beetles
21 Wheat Red flour beetle
22 Cashew Stem borer, Root borers, Tea mosquito bug
23 Tea Thrips, Purple mites, Looper Caterpillar, Pink mites, Flush Worms, Tea mosquito bugs, Red Spider Mites
24. Coffee Scale insects, Coffee stem Bores, Berry Bores, Mealy Bays, Leaf ---------
25 Albizia Lebbec (Forest Tree) Jumping lice, Aphids, Mealy bugs, Thrips
26 Crotons Mealy bugs
27 Red Rose Red Scale Insect
28 Paddy Stem borers, Armyworms, Thrips, Gall midges bugs ,Leaf hoppers, Rice Hispa , Ear Head Bug
29 Pulses ( Bengal Gram, Chickpea, Cowpea, Pigeonpea, Grams) Grampod borers, Pod Fly, Spotted Pod borer, Pod bug, Pulse beetle
30 Vegetables Shoot and fruit brerstem borers, Leaf Miners, Fruit Flies, Semiloopers, Spotted Beetles, DBM, Leaf Webbers, Scales, Mites
31 Spices (Cardamom, Ginger, Pepper, Chillies, Turmeric, Onion etc.) Thrips, Spodoptera spp. Helicoverapa spp, Rhizome Borers, Poilu Beetle, Shoot Borers, Mites
32 Fruit Crops(Mango, Guava, Grapes, Sapota, Pomegranate, Pineapple, Banana, Cashew etc.) Hoppers, Stem Borers, Fruit Borers, Fruit Flies, Leaf Miners, Flea Beetles, Fruit Sucking Moths, Leaf Webbers , Tea Mosquito, Mealy Bugs, Thrips
33 Bhindi Leafhopper, Whitefly, Aphid Pod Borer
34 Tobacco Tobacco Caterpillar
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