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Trend in Pharmaceutical Industry

Neem & Pharmaceutical Industry

The traditional and the modern medical systems have always co-existed in a large number of countries around the world. While India has the existence of Ayurvedic and Unani system of medicines along with the core pharmaceutical companies, China also boasts of the famous Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) along with the allopathic medicines and drugs. With the growing shift of consumer preference towards natural medical system, away from synthetics, large and leading pharmaceutical companies are using natural products as an active ingredient in the composition of quite a few drugs.

The global market for plant based drugs is growing; this in turn poses a bright opportunity for neem manufacturers and exporters to cultivate and grow neem tree and use its various parts like seeds, bark, leaves for manufacturing allopathic medicines and syrups.

  • Raw form
  • Concentrated extracts
  • Powdered form

It can also be used as an intermediate product to manufacture pharmaceutical raw materials. The renewed and growing interest in the herbal products is another big opportunity for the neem products manufacturers to supply the pharmaceutical companies with high quality of concentrated extracts and other forms of neem.

Neem use in Pharmaceutical Drugs

  • Digestive system drugs
  • Circulatory system drugs
  • Skin treatment drugs
  • Dental treatment drugs
  • Diabetic and blood pressure treatment drugs

Leading global pharmaceutical companies are entering into partnerships or joint ventures with the natural medicine manufacturers to tap the growing herbal medicine market. Therefore neem will be in great demand in the coming future as it is multi functional and multi purpose product and it does not have any side effects unlike other allopathic medicines.

Future of Neem

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