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Boils Treatments – Neem For Boils

Boil Treatment
Boil Treatment

What is a Boil?

Boil is the localized pus filled infection deep within the skin. Area where boil appears reddened before the appearance of boil which then becomes very hard and firmed. After this infection fighting white blood cells (WBC) come to that area to remove infection. Pus is formed within the boil with the accumulation of white blood cells, bacteria and protein. Boil after the formation of pus makes a head at the top that is visible over the skin. If the boil is small then the pus can be drained out with the help of hand but if your boil is large then it might need the help of doctor. As pus within the skin is called abscess hence the boil is also known as skin abscess.

Causes of Boil

  • Hair in growth.
  • Accumulation of foreign particles on skin.
  • Plugging of sweat glands.
  • Prolonged medication and illness as these affect our natural immune system that fights against foreign particles. This include diabetes and kidney failure.

Boil Home Remedies

When the boil is small with firm and red mouth then it is not at all helpful in draining out the boil. But once it become bit soft and an opening appears as a mouth in teh form of a head then it is ready to be drained out. Pain immediately vanishes by draining the pus out. Larger boils often need help of the doctor or medical practitioner.

Neem for Boil

  • Take neem leaves and make paste of the leaves. Smear the boil with neem paste. This is an effective boil treatment with neem. Margosa or neem is a natural antibiotic
  • Neem seeds are also very effective in treating the boils. Take neem seeds and boil these in water till these become very soft. After boiling them make the paste of seed and apply this on boil.

Boil Treatment at Home

Treatment of simple boil can be done at home and it must begin as soon as the first symptom of boil appears. Heat pack is the best boil treatment or boil home remedy. With heat blood circulation in the area of boil increases that helps in fighting against the boil better.

  • For the quick ripening of boil, apply garlic or onion juice on the boil. This is the most effective boil treatment and home remedy.
  • To ripen the boil take dry roots of turmeric and roost them. Now dissolve the ashes in a cup full of water and apply on affected area. This will help the boil to ripen quickly for bursting.
  • Take bitter gourd and extract its juice. Add 1 tbsp of lime juice to it and consume it in sips empty stomach everyday for few days. This purifies the blood and wont give you any more boil
  • Take cumin seeds and make its paste with water. Apply this paste on boil for boil treatment.
  • Margosa is excellent for skin care. Take margosa leaves and prepare its decoction. For decoction preparation boil 15 gm of margosa leaves in 500 ml of water. Keep boiling till the solution remains one-third to its original quantity.
  • Apply lemon juice on the boil to treat it.
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