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Neem Extracts

Know about Neem Extracts- Uses, Types and Method of Neem Extraction

Neem extracts uses are many. They are widely used in the manufacturing of a wide range of medicines, cosmetic and pest control products. Neem extract contains the concentrated form of active or principle compounds found in neem. Since the quantities of active compounds are generally not very high in seed, leaves or other plant part, it is necessary to obtain these chemicals in concentrated form and use the concentrated extracts for the preparation of final products.

Types of Neem Extracts

Uses of Neem Extracts

  • Neem extracts are used in different industries like agricultural industry, herbal industry, pharmaceutical industry to manufacture quality natural products.
  • Neem extracts have a high medicinal value, they are used to cure a number of diseases.
    • Malaria
    • Hypertension
    • Diabetes
    • Dermatology problems such a s eczema, scabies etc
  • Neem extracts are also used as an effective and safe method to control pests. To know about this in details, check out our article: Neem Extract: The Medicinal Solution.

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Method of Neem Extraction

Industrial scale neem extraction process make use of solvents such as alcohol, ether, and hydrocarbons instead of water. There are different methods of neem extraction. The choice of method and solvent will depend on the nature of chemical compound to be extracted.

Aqueous Neem Extraction : Powdered seeds, kernels or leaves are soaked overnight in water and the next morning the extract is strained through a piece of cloth; the desired volume of concentrated neem extract can then be used for desired purpose. Aqueous extract is generally rich in water soluble amino acids, pigments, soluble bitters and carbohydrates. Some manufacturers use the process of freeze drying the water-based neem extract producing a crystalline powder called "neem bitters" that is also water soluble.

Solvent Neem Extraction : Organic solvents such as alcohol, dimethyl sulfoxide and ethers are also used to manufacture high concentration extracts. In one of the simplest extraction processes, the pure solvent is continuously poured over the mass of material to be extracted. It is percolated through the material until the removal of desired components is complete. The choice of solvent and temperature and time determine the efficiency of extraction.


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