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Natural Scabies Treatment with Scabies Home Remedy

Scabies Home Remedy
Scabies Home Remedy

Scabies is a highly contagious skin problem which occurs due to the infestation of itch mite Sarcoptes scabiei. The itch mite is eight-legged parasite that is just 1/3 mm in length. These mites go inside the skin to cause itching and skin problems. Only the female mites enter the human body. The itching increased at night. Scabies mites can crawl and become immobile at temperature less than 20. But they can survive for a very long period of time even at this temperature. The most common places of scabies mites are homeless population, nursing homes, hospitals and other health care institutions like this.

As scabies is a contagious disease so it can occur with the direct but very close skin to skin contact. Scabies mites will die if they wont find host within 24 to 36 hours and under specific temperature and environmental conditions. Although scabies is very hard to get with hand shaking and by hanging your clothes to the clothes of infested person but it is not impossible. So do take care of this. Scabies also come under sexually transmitted disease (STD) and so more common in sexually active young people.

Scabies Symptoms

Itching is the first scabies symptom. Scabies is formed in the form of skin rash with which blisters and small red bumps also appears. Wrist, back, elbows, waist, genital areas, back of feet and web between the fingers are the most common areas to have scabies symptoms. In hundreds of pimples of scabies there might be 10-15 mites.

In infants and young children, scabies rash appears on head, face, palms, neck and soles of feet.

The infection is also termed as “burrows” or “tunnels”, which are very small threadlike projections having length of 2 to 15 mm. The color can be gray, red or brown. With scratching the burrows get destroyed.

Scabies symptoms may not appear up to two months of scabies infestation. But during this time also an infested person is able to transfer the disease to other person.

Neem for Scabies

Scabies mites have become resistant to most of the pesticides but still they can be cured with neem. Over the past so many years neem has been used to kill insects and pest and astonishingly no variety has become resistant to neem. Neem has many chemicals that act in different ways. This is the main reason why neem resistant is difficult to get.

Neem is an antiseptic that deals with scabies mites on natural front. Neem has the property to create numbness in the skin where it is used. Neem actually reduces any kind of inflammation and redness. Also it will cure the secondary infection that has happened because of scabies. Neem is also a natural contraceptive that stops the reproduction of scabies mites.

  • Make the neem paste from turmeric and neem leaf. Take one part turmeric root and four parts neem leaf. Make the paste of this and apply on scabies area. Let this dry and they wash it. This a very effective neem care for scabies that has been proved in India in 814 scabies people. 97% of people were cured within 3-15 days in case of localized infection. In case of secondary infection it took 6-15 days. There were 2% cases who were not cured because of irregular application of neem paste over the body.
  • Also you can apply the lotion made from neem leaf extract. This very effective neem remedy for scabies.
  • To cure scabies take bath in neem oil. For this in the bathing water put small amount of neem leaf extract and 2 tbs of neem oil. Dip yourself for about 15 mins in this bathing water. This will give relief from scabies and itching. After bath, dry yourself and apply good neem lotion. Also you can apply neem oil on the mite infected area to cure it.
  • Eat neem capsules as prescribed by your doctor build the immune system. It will also stop any secondary infection because of scabies lesions.
  • If your animal is also suffering from the similar organism then given them a bath in neem pet shampoo.

Scabies Home Remedy

  • Take the dried bark of Pipal tree or Ficus Religiosa and make a very fine powder of this bark. To to make it finer sieve it through a fine cotton cloth. Dusting the pipal bark powder on the scabies lesion if very effective scabies home remedy.
  • Take apricot leaves and make the juice of eat. Apply fresh juice on the infected area.
  • Extract juice from drumstick leaves in 400-500 gm quantity. Add equal quantity of sesame seed oil. Boil the mixture till whole of water get evaporated. Cool the remaining mixture and store it. Apply daily on the infected area.
  • Tea tree oil is another very strong essential oil that is extracted from an Australian plant called melaleuca alternifolia. It kills the mites and their eggs and stop their further spread. For this you will have to take bath in warm water having 20 drops of Tea tree oil twice a day. Also for three weeks apply the Tea tree oil directly to the infected area twice a day.
  • It is essential to wash and clean the bedding and clothes regularly. Wash every thing in neem based products.
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