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Neem Cancer Treatment

Neem Cancer Treatment
Neem Cancer Treatment

Neem in India is known as "Village Pharmacy" as it is used to treat and cure many diseases. Neem has multiple active compounds that through various mechanism work simultaneously and this is a very important characteristic of neem. This results its effectiveness as pesticide and also as cancer curing plant. As more and more benefits of neem are coming out through researches across the world, the scientists are now calling it a 'wonder plant'.

Neem has been tested to cure certain types of cancer. Neem creams are in the market to treat skin cancer. Also the scientists from India, Japan and Europe have discovered that neem bark, oil and seeds are useful in reducing the tumors and very effective against lymphocytic leukaemia. Cancer cells spread themselves by sticking to other cells of the body and it has been found out that neem leaf extract has the property to prevent this stickiness. This thus helps in spreading the cancer further.

Recent Research Showing Neem Cancer Treatment

Neem leaf has a certain type of protein that boost the immune system and assists in killing colon cancer cells. Neem also produces antibodies. Owing to these reasons many scientists have said that neem cancer treatment one day will be a very big achievement and from this effective cancer vaccine will be developed. The cancer curing and other beneficial properties of neem leaf is the presence of certain compounds having varied chemical structure.

Neem in Cancer Treatment

Cancer Cells
Programmed cell death is promoted by neem that directly kills the cancer cell.

Immune System
With the use of neem the body immune system starts to differentiate between cancer cells and normal body cells. The immune system also starts to kill cancer cells because of the certain chemicals in neem leaf.

Skin Cancer
Neem creams are used to cure skin cancer.

Detoxification Glutathione is produced by neem that is a carcinogen detoxifying enzyme.

Reduction in the Size of Tumor

It is really effective use of neem in which the the size of the tumor is greatly reduced. It is actually a pre-treatment for the protection against cancer. In certain studies on this issue it has been observed that when the injection containing neem extract is given around the tumor then the decrease in the size of tumor has been noticed within a few weeks period.

Spread of Cancer

Neem cancer treatment also reduces the spread of cancer cells in the body as neem stops their stickiness to other normal cells of the body. Therefore neem leaf extract reduces the malignancy of cancer cells.

Presence of Antioxidants

Certain antioxidants present in the neem prevent the happening of cancer itself. Cancer cells are also destroyed by these chemicals and thus prevent its occurrence. More information on Neem Cancer Treatment

Glutathione, an antioxidant compound produced by neem is a carcinogen-detoxifying enzyme. Studies have been conducted on rat and it has been found that it is very effective in curing brain damage with the production of ascorbic acid.

In Journal of Ethnopharmacology research has been published showing anticancer effect of ethanolic neem leaf extract on prostate cancer cell line. In the study it has been proved that an ethanolic extract of neem causes the death of prostate cancer cells (PC-3).

Future of Neem

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