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Neem and Heart Disease

Neem and Heart Disease

There are numerous heart disorders and ailments which need attention, these include heart failure, heart attack, angina, heart murmurs and rheumatic heart disease etc. Heart needs constant supply of oxygen, which is reduced if the arteries are narrowed or get clogged; sufficient amount of blood is not supplied to heart resulting in coronary heart disease. Heart diseases are spread all over the world, there is a need to find a herbal or natural cure for it, drugs are being developed that have high efficacy and also do not have any side effects.

Cause of Heart Diseases
  • High cholesterol level
  • High blood pressure
  • Inactive lifestyle
  • Stress
Effectiveness of Neem in Curing Heart Disease

Neem has been used for long to cure heart diseases and related problems. It has been thoroughly researched and tested as being effective in curing heart related problems and ailments. It helps to prevent, treat and cure, blood clots, blood pressure, lower the cholesterol level. Compounds like nimbidin, found in neem leaf extracts have antihistamine effects, which in turn help to dilate the blood vessels, lowering the blood pressure and thus reducing the stress on the heart.

Parts of Neem Helpful in Curing Heart Disease

Neem leaf extracts are used as an active ingredient in medicines curing heart diseases. Compounds in leaves act as mild sedatives, reduce anxiety and emotional disturbances, thus controlling the heart rate. Parts of neem help to delay the coagulation of blood, calms erratic heartbeats and helps reduce elevated heart rates. Neem herbal tea also has calming properties and help in blood vessel dilation and lower blood pressure.

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