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Neem Termites

Neem and Termites

Insecticide is actually meant for killing insects and termites meaning it has to be very target specific. But it is found that chemical insecticides have hazardous effect even on the plants. The harmful effects are like synthetic insecticides leave unwanted residues in food, water, and the environment. So people are looking for other unconventional alternatives. The reason why such a trend is gaining popularity is due to some specific characteristics like,

  • Fast Breakdown
  • Toxicity
  • Synergism
  • Selectivity
  • Phytotoxicity
  • Cost and Availability
  • Research
  • State Registration
  • Organic Production

Note : Most botanicals are not phytotoxic (toxic to plants). However, insecticidal soaps, sulfur, and nicotine sulfate may be toxic to some vegetables or ornamentals

Neem has become an active pest and termite controller. A full-grown tree produces annually 50 kg of fruits or 30 kg of seed is annually produced from a fully grown neem tree which is capable of producing 6 kg of oil and 24 kg of neem cake. The neem tree supplies at least two major compounds with insecticidal activity:

  • Azadirachtin
  • Salannin

Azadirachtin acts as a growth regulator and an insect feeding deterrant. It breaks the life cycle of the termite and does not permit the termite to enter it's next stage. It also acts a repellent. Neem also acts effectively against growing immature insects.

It has been found out that spray oil as a mode of insecticide is very useful because it is safe, effectiveand is harmless on benificial insects.

It has been found that spray oils are very useful as pesticide as they are safe, effective and harmless on benificial insects and kills the termites at the same time.

Neem has become one of the major source of spray oil as insecticide. Neem oil is extracted from the seeds of the neem tree.

The basic usefullness of neem for crops may be listed as below
  • Neem averts loss due to pests in crops and in stored crops.
  • Neem kills arthopods, nematodes, mollusks, ostracods, pathogens.
  • Neem proves to be of benefit for useful organisms like-honeybees, wasps, spiders, bats, mycorrhizae.
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