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Unani Medicine

Neem is popularly known as 'Yavan Priya' meaning the beloved of muslims. It has for long been used in the traditional unani system of medicine for its beneficial properties. All parts of neem i.e. the roots, stem, leaves, fruits, bark and seeds have therapeutic value.

Parts of Neem Used

Leaf: Fresh leaves are more commonly used than any other part of the tree. Dried leaves are also used in unani medication, though they are said to be less effective. Also used in skin diseases and intestinal diseases.

Seeds: Are very effective in treatment of boils, leprosy, eczema and other skin diseases; headaches, ulcer, diarrhoea, intestinal problems.

Stalk: Are used as tooth sticks which help to prevent infection o0f teeth and gums; control bad breath and also prevent oral cavity. It is also used to manufacture medicines that cure cough, astham, intestinal worms and also improving the eye sight.

Bark: It is mostly used in blood purifying preparations and anti-pyretic medicines. Bark extracts are also used in preparation of medicines curing paralysis, joint pains,nervous weakness etc.

Flowers: Are used in medicines curing eye problems, is also used to treat certain dental problems, flowers are also anti inflammatory in nature, therefore very helpful in treating diseases.

Fruits: Are used as laxatives and blood purifier. It is also used as an ingredient in medicines curing leprosy, piles etc.

Gum: Used as a blood purifier and is also used in body stimulants and tonics.

The pharmacological action and the therapeutic efficacy of neem includes anti inflammatory action, blood purifying, anti-leprosy, anti-vitiligo, anti septic and anti arthritic properties.

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