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Chicken Pox Home Remedies and Neem for Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox
Chicken Pox

Chicken pox is a very common viral disease that affects the children between age 1 to 10 years. Chicken pox is caused by varicella zoster virus that is also called the human herpes virus 3. Small blisters or rash appears on the skin that remains for one to two weeks. The rashes are red in color and the size of these vary from person to person.

Once you have suffered from Chicken pox you wont get it in the rest of your life. But the varicella zoster virus always remain inside your body that can cause shingles or zoster in later life.

Direct contact with the person suffering from Chicken pox is the main problem of this disease as this is highly contagious. If you have not been vaccinated then you will get this very quickly. The first five days when the rashes show up are the most crucial days in spreading the virus. But the patient remains contagious till the blisters do not get subsided. The period may vary from two days to two weeks.

Pregnant women must specially take care of Chickenpox and must not meet with the one who is suffering from this. As during pregnancy even if you are vaccinated against Chicken Pox you have the chances of getting it. It can then lead to problems in the pregnancy, poorly developed fetus, poorly developed limbs, mental retardation in certain severe cases.

Also the people who are suffering from prolonged disease are more prone to Chicken pox even after vaccination.

Chicken Pox Transmission

Direct skin contact with the person having this causes the virus to spread from affected to unaffected person.

Varicella virus of the Chicken pox lives in saliva, phlegm and sputum of the infected person. So even the cough, sneeze and talk can affect you.

Do not touch the fluid filled blisters of Chicken Pox as these will definitely cause the spread of the disease.

Chicken Pox and Ayurveda

As per Ayurveda chicken pox is caused when there is some sort of three doshas in your body that is related to vata, pitta and kaph.

  • Vata is associated with environment
  • Pitta is the fire part
  • Kapha is the water component

All people are vulnerable to Chicken pox and especially the children before entering into their adulthood.

Many infants who are deprived of breast milk and given a formula diet get the Chicken pox.

People who have sensitive skin gets the Chicken Pox rashes very easily.

Contact with Chicken Pox Patient can give you the disease if you have not got it earlier in life.

Chicken Pox Symptoms

The Chicken pox symptoms does not appear for 2 days after the infestation of varicella zoster virus in the body. So it is after two days that the symptoms will appear.

Common cold is the first symptom with running or stuffy nose.Burning sensation in eye that will become red.

After two to three days rashes will appear on the skin. The first rash will appear on the face which then will appear on the chest, arms, legs and back.

The first rashes will be of pinkish color that will become dark in color after a day or so. The rash will soon take the form of pimples that will be filled with fluid.

After two three days of blister formation the fluid will now begin to come out and a crust will be formed on the blisters.

The first blisters will disappear and the new will come so there will be a cycle of blisters in Chicken Pox.

At the end of Chicken Pox all the blisters will dry off and a person might get mild fever and stomach during this period.

Neem for Chicken Pox

Neem for Chicken Pox
Neem for Chicken Pox

Since long time people in India are using neem to cure Chicken Pox even before the invention of it vaccination. Neem is a great fumigant and has great anti viral properties. Neem is very beneficial for children as it does not have any harmful effects on health.

  • Hung neem leaves around the bed of the patient.
  • Neem leaves are used to fan the patient.
  • Make the paste of neem leaves and apply it to the person.
  • Once the Chicken Pox blisters have gone, give patient a neem bath. For this in hot water soak neem leaves and then use this water for bathing.

Home Remedies for Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox Home Remedies
Chicken Pox Home Remedies
  • Make the soup of carrot and coriander. It is very beneficial to cure Chicken pox. It actually reduces the irritation of blisters.
  • Reduce the burning sensation of blisters by applying honey on them.
  • Soak some peas in water and drink the water to reduce the burning sensation of blisters.
  • Once the Chickenpox pox has been cured apply the aloe vera on the skin to cure the skin problem. It will give a shine to the skin.
  • Drink the tea containing Lemon Balm, Holy Basil, Marigold and Chamomile.
  • Take the baking soda and make a solution of it in water. Give the person a sponge bath of this solution.
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