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Neem for Arthritis - Arthritis Home Remedies

Arthritic Joints
Arthritic Joints

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joint. The name Arthritis has been derived from the Greek words 'athron' meaning joints and 'itis' meaning inflammation. Arthritis is a degenerative state that affects the joints leading to severe joint pain and inflammation. In certain cases the pain is so severe that it leads to immobility as well.

According to Ayurveda arthritis is a 'vata' or air disorder. When ama (toxic produced because of improper digestion of food) gets accumulated in the body, then the ama actually circulates in the entire body. Where ever it finds the weak part in the body it stays there. And when ama comes to joints then it gets deposited there and leads to the disease called amavata. The amavata is actually the arthritis.

Further in order to do arthritis treatment as per ayurveda reduce the ama and vata by eating the food that produces less air and also there should be proper digestion of the food.

There are about 150 types of arthritis but the most common ones are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is actually a degenerative form of joint disease that occurs in old age. Whereas rheumatoid arthritis is serious than the osteoarthritis as it affects the joints of knee, fingers, hips, feet and wrists. Also it affects the muscles, tissues and tendons of the body.

Arthritis symptoms

The major symptom of arthritis is the pain in joints especially the knee joint along with joint stiffness. Exercise generally increases the joint pain. Rheumatoid arthritis take few months to develop in which almost every joint gets affected and it also leads to the deformation of hand and feet joints. The symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are more severe when you get up in the morning.

In some cases the stiffness and inflammation of joint is also accompanied by fever and chills. This is quiet possible that you are having infectious arthritis or a disease that is causing arthritis like symptoms.

Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis occurs in children. Fortunately it is very rare. In this type of arthritis weight loss, anemia, and fever occurs. Also there will be some blotchy rashes on the arms and legs.

Neem for Arthritis

Neem has been mentioned many a times in ancient Vedas. It has been said that every part of the neem is beneficial. Nimbin in neem is anti inflammatory that is the main reason of using neem to cure arthritis. Also polysaccharide present in neem reduces the inflammation and pain.

Give your body a neem oil massage. This will reduce the inflammation as well as the pain.

Neem leaf and neem flower extract is also very beneficial to cure arthritis. Drink 50 ml of neem leaf and flower extract twice a day for a month to cure arthritis. You can make the neem extract by boiling 100 gms of pulverized neem leaves and flowers in 250 ml of water. Boil these for 30 mins. Extract the liquid and cool it.

Arthritis Home Remedies

  • Take two tbs of lemon juice in 250 ml of warm water. Add 1 tbs of honey and drink it twice a day. One in the morning and another in evening.
  • To cure arthritis have a juice made by mixing two tbs of honey, one tbs of cinnamon in one cup of warm water. Drink this two times a day. One in morning and one in evening.
  • Twice a day take half tbs of turmeric and warm water.
  • Drink glass full of lemon juice with salt or sugar everyday early in the morning. The water for this should be hot.
  • Guggulu (a herb) is extremely beneficial to cure arthritis. Eat half tbs of it with warm water after meal. This is one of the very effective arthritis home remedies.
  • In winter before taking bath first massage your body with sesame oil (Til oil).
  • To reduce vata massage body with sesame or mustard oil. This will ultimately reduce the joint pain. Affected area should be massaged for a longer period of time.
  • Vitamin C is very effective in reducing the pain as it actually reduces the skeletal pain. So you can drink orange juice or sweet lime juice in the morning.
  • Make the juice by mixing carrot, cucumber and beat root.
  • Make the paste of one part honey, two parts lukewarm water and small amount of cinnamon powder. Massage the area with this paste. It reduces the pain within a minute or two.

Food and Habits to Avoid

  • Arthritis patient must not eat spicy and oily food. Also any food that leads to the formation of wind like cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, okra, rice and potatoes must be avoided.
  • Do not eat and drink too much yogurt, chocolate, coffee, tea and alcohol.
  • Do not sleep during day and do not stay for a longer period of time during night.
  • Do not take tension, stress or anxiety.
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