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Neem Economic Potential

Neem Economic Potential

The commercial value of neem has been known to mankind since time immemorial. Each part of the tree like the bark, seed, leaf, flower, wood, twig has been in use in the traditional systems of medicine and now, it is increasingly being used on a commercial basis for large scale production of:

  • Medicines
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Pesticides
  • Manures
  • Animal feed
Neem- A Renewable Source of Products

Neem is considered to be a renewable source of various useful products. Several derivatives obtained from neem fruits, neem leaves - a storehouse of bioactive chemicals are used in production of useful agrochemicals, toiletries etc.

Neem- Providing Employment Opportunities

Neem Economic PotentialThe revered tree has immense potential to help small and rural farmers provide lucrative employment opportunities in developing nations. The cultivation and processing of raw neem, neem extracts and neem finished products pose big income generation ability.

As neem can grow in areas with low productivity and dry soil, not much investment id required on a small scale cultivation.

Demand of Neem in Western Countries

Neem and its products are finding favor in almost all countries like US, UK, Australia etc. A number of research funded and conducted by international organizations have established the safety and efficacy of neem for use in medicines, pesticides, agro chemicals, animal industry etc. It is being grown on a large scale production. Neem products have shown a good export potential which also needs to be exploited.

Neem as a bio fuel

Neem researches are being undertaken by organizations such as UN to see if it can be used as a bio fuel, particularly to manufacture bio diesel.

Future of Neem

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