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Neem and Nematodes

Nematodes are characterized as tiny, worm like, multiple cellular animals living in water. Found majorly in fresh water, oceans, soils and plants. Neem proves to be an effective nematode controller. Worldwide researches have supported this fact.

Neem products are effective on various types of nematodes. Nematodes are the most difficult to control. Even the water left after oil extraction from the Neem seeds is Nematocidal.

In a study conducted in Aligarh, sawdust and neem cake was mixed with soil and it effectively removed nematodes. In a greenhouse test tomato plants showed improvement after neem application.

In South India, the Cardamom growers are using neem cake for controlling nematodes.

The various forms of neem which are nematode controller are:
    Neem leaves mixed with animal manure is effective in decreasing the number of nematodes.
    Neem oil mixed with fertilizers proves to be effective in nematode controllation. It has no hazardous side effects.
    Neem cake is the neem seed meal left as residue while Neem oil extraction. The high Azadirachtin content in the neem cake kills the Nematodes. It comes in both granule and pellet form.
    Neem coir eliminates the unwanted insects like-Nematodes from the soil. It acts as a regulator as it breaks the life cycle of the Nematode.
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