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Neem and Honey Bees

Neem and Honey Bees A Neem tree has many attributes attatched to it like-
  • It is beautiful.
  • It provides serenity.
  • It adds grandeur.
It provides shelter to many beneficial organizms like-
  • Bats
  • Birds
  • Honey Bees
  • Spiders

Honey combs established on the neem tree are free galleria wax moth infestation. Honey bee is a very beneficial insect as it is the main source of honey. But many harmful insectides prove to be hazardous to honey bees. Bees are coming under assault on several fronts. There are mites and diseases that cause bees to produce less pollen and honey and to become sick and die. Neem treated bees showed reduced levels of nosema and chalkbrood even over bees treated with the most current medicines and miticides. The neem treated bees produced three times as much pollen and twice the amount of honey as the non-treated bees. Here neem oil comes into play. It helps honey bees in a dual aspect like,
- By replacing synthethic insecticide which is hazardous for Honey Bees.
- It also protects Honey Bees directly.

Neem oil has both physical and toxicological mode of action. Neem oil is effective only when sprayed 6 times at 4-days intervals. Neem oil and canola oil used together show promising results in controlling Honey Bee Prasitic Mites. Neem's natural properties helps it to act as an insecticide. The Neem seeds and leaves represents a new category of Soft Pesticide. It works by acting as an antifeedant. Usually pests do not eat any plant covered with neem and so pests die out of starvation. Neem also acts as a repellent and reduces insect's reproduction abilities.

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