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Neem Biological Control

Neem Biological Control

Over a decade farmers have realized the very fact that for effective biological control conservation for natural enemies of harmful pests is vital. There are different ways of habitat modification, they can be done in areas like,

  • Fields
  • Orchards
  • Vineyards
  • Along or near the perimeters of fields.
  • Hedges or uncultivated area.

Actually Biological Control is usage of an useful living organism to control pest. This useful organism might be a predator or a parasite disease which attacks the harmful Insect or Pest. A Biological Control programme includes choosing a pesticide which is less harmful like Neem Pesticides or other Neem products. It also includes raising an insect and allowing it to attack another like a living insecticide.

  • Biological Control uses various kinds of useful predators and parasites hence they are able to reduce legal, environmental and chemical hazards.
  • It is also economical.
  • It also stops economic damage to agricultural crops.
  • Biological Control is very pest specific.
  • Other useful insects remain unaffected by biological control.
  • Environment and water remain unaffected.
  • Biological Control is a time taking process.
  • Includes a lot of Data Keeping.
  • Requires a lot of training and education.
  • Needs an intense learning of the Pest and it's Enemies.
  • Biological Control is costlier than Pesticides.
  • The results are not all that quick since it uses insects and parasites.

But usage of Neem helps in Biological Control as it compliments the pests and predators and has no harmful effects on them. Whether it is a neem tree or neem pesticide use anywhere for any reason in Biological Control.

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