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Neem and Diabetes

Neem tree has been used since time immemorial in treating large number of diseases. Its uses have been mentioned in the early vedic texts as a naturally occurring wonder drug curing diseases like blood pressure and diabetes. The traditional system of medicine such as ayurveda has been making use of this herb to cure the disease like diabetes. In the modern times, diabetes is more of a life style disease rather than anything else; neem is being widely used by herbal medicine manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies as more and more people all across the globe fall victim to it. It is a cause of number of other diseases like heart disease, blindness, diabetes etc.

Part of Neem Used in Diabetes

Neem leaf extracts and seeds are used as an active ingredient as an effective cure for diabetes. It has been scientifically proven after a number of tests and research by leading medical institutes, that neem parts have high efficacy in treating the disease. Natural neem tablets are being manufactured and exported the world over for treating large number of patients. Neem leaf extracts improve the blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels and also helpful in reducing the need for hypo-glycaemic drugs. According to scientific research undertaken neem leaf extracts and seed oil help to reduce the insulin requirement. Neem tablets help to lower the blood glucose levels.

Neem tablets can also be taken as a dietary supplement for prevention of the disease. The basis of the neem capsules can be traced to the early ayurvedic use of the herb, which is further strengthened due to by leading research organisations.

Reason for popularity of Neem in Diabetes Curing Drugs

The popularity of neem based anti diabetes drugs is due to the fact that not only they are more effective in curing the diabetes disease but also have no side effects. There are no synthetic materials used in the production of the drugs. Neem is considered to be one of the safest medicinal herbs available; FDA's database does not include any references to neem having any adverse effects when used in medicines.

Other Home Remedies for Diabetes

  • Take cinnamon and turmeric in your diet. You can consume one tablespoon of cinnamon daily.
  • Take one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and soak it in 1 cup of water overnight. Empty stomach drink this water and also eat the seeds.
  • Take about fifteen mango leaves and boil these in water. Keep this overnight and filter it in the morning. Consume it empty stomach in the morning.
  • Remove the seeds of bitter gourd and saturate it in one cup of water. Consume the water daily in the morning after filtering it.
  • In the morning chew 8-10 curry leaves (Meetha Neem for diabetes) empty stomach. It brings the blood sugar level to normal even if you have a hereditary diabetes.
  • Take the one tablespoon of amla powder and put it in one cup of water. Let it remain as it is for about 10 minutes. After this filter the water and drink it.
  • Jamun or Syzygium cumini or Indian plum is considered very remedy for diabetes. Eat the jamun fruit daily. Try to consume the seed of this fruit as it is more beneficial than the fruit itself.
  • Do not eat too oily food.
  • Avoid sugar, alcohol and coffee.
  • Eat small meals and that too six times a day.
  • Do not take stress and exercise daily.
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