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Neem for Digestive Problems

Neem and Digestive Problems

Neem has been used since long to prevent stomach and intestinal problems. It helps to remove discomfort; anti inflammatory properties of neem provide relief to those suffering from stomach infections. It is being studied and researched by pharmaceuticals and drugs manufacturers, herbal medicine manufacturers all around the world, for producing drugs that cure stomach infections, ulcers etc. It is said that using neem parts to manufacture natural medicines will ensure that there are no side effects.

Parts of Neem Used to Cure Digestive Problems

Neem Leaf Extracts: Neem leaf extracts are used to manufacture medicines and drugs curing digestive problems and disturbances, intestinal parasites and also reduce discomfort.

Neem Bark Extracts: Freeze dried neem bark extract helps to reduce the stomach acid levels.

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