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Neem Industry

Neem tree, native to India, Burma and other South Eastern countries has now turned into a multi million industry. It has been in use for centuries and famous for its medicinal, curative and therapeutic properties. It finds multitude uses in host of industries spanning from health care to animal care, from medicines to agriculture, from cosmetics to herbal industry.

Neem industry has positively impacted the local community, economy and environment in almost every country. Though the production of neem is restricted to subtropical climatic regions, it is being commercially grown for its compounds, extracts for use in large number of products.

After the efficacy and safety issues were dealt with, neem cultivation and production projects have been undertaken by developed and developing countries to fully tap its potential. Neem is a growing industry with a promising future, it is an inherent part of quite a few other industries.

India is one the largest producers of neem products, this trend is also being witnessed in countries like US, UK, Australia where neem based products have trickled to grocery stores, local shops, medicinal stores, beauty salons, aromatherapy centres etc.

Reasons for Growth of Neem Industry
  • The backlash of synthetic products has driven the demand for natural products without any side effects, since neem is a natural ingredient used in different products, this is driving the demand all over the world
  • The growing need and demand for environmental friendly products has further boosted the demand for natural or bio products.
  • Growth of herbal and ayurvedic industry has also led to the growth of neem based products.
Future of Neem

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