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Agriculture Uses of Neem

Neem is recognized today as a natural product which has much to offer in solving global agricultural, environmental and public health problems. It is considered as a valuable instrument for sustainable development. Researchers worldwide are now focusing on the importance of neem in the agricultural industry. The magical tree and hundreds of its active compounds are used to manufacture a number of products. Natural properties of neem do not have any toxic reactions, so they are helpful in plant protection and management. Neem seeds, neem leaves and leaf extracts are widely used in agriculture. Products derived from Neem tree act as powerful Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) and also help in controlling several nematodes and fungi. Neem products reduce insects growth in crops and plants.

Neem Products in Agriculture

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Uses of Neem in Agriculture

In the traditional Indian farming system, pest management, nutrient supply were integrated into the cropping system using locally available plant derived substances like Neem, Tulsi, etc. These natural extracts protected the crops and nourished the soils. It is evident that the traditional Indian practices were very sound and are still in use. Today with advanced technologies, neem extracts are further processed to produce a wide range of products as mentioned above, suitable to be used in agriculture. Incorporating latest scientific and technical developments, neem products are suited to agricultural growth. Extensive toxicological studies have been carried out on Neem products in the US and have been finally cleared for use in horticulture by the EPA.

Neem products are proven effective against thrips, white flies, aphids, leaf miners, bugs and a large number of other key insect pests. They act as natural insect repellants. Azadirachtin and other bitter compounds found in Neem make insects stay away from treated plants. They are like synthetic pesticides. Neem can reduce overall insecticide usage, as Neem actually affects insects’ tolerance to other insecticides.

Another important advantage of neem products in agriculture is that they are safe for the workers. There are no handling risks and can be used throughout the entire crop production cycle.

Future of Neem

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