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Neem vs Chemical

Neem vs Chemical

Organic pesticides are the most heavily used agricultural pesticides.Whenever a chemical is used to kill pesticides it has many adverse effects like apart from killing the target species it kills benificaial insects also and affects the fauna. There are many confusions regarding organic pesticides. Organic does not mean pesticide free. The main differenciating factor between organic and chemical pesticides is not the toxicity factor but their origin as to wether they are extracted from natural plants, insects or mineral ores or are chemically extracted.

It is true that organic pesticides are less effective compared to their chemical counterparts. But, organic pesticides like- Neem is being extensively used as it is less hazardous. Though farmers use various other alternative methods also such as crop rotation and usage of beneficial insects keeping in mind all the facts about Neem as a pesticide. Biological treatments like using Neem as a pesticide is gaining importance as Science is discovering more about Soil Ecology since biological pesticides are promising in controlling diseases such as White Molds.

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