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Neem and Sexual Disorders

Neem has been traditionally used in medicinal systems like ayurveda and unani for preventing, treating and curing number of sexual problems and disorders. Parts of neem like bark and leaf is siad to have certain compounds which help in birth control, and also helps to prevent and treat sexually transmitted diseases It is also known to have acted as a lubricant and enhance the sexual experience. Leading research organizations and pharmaceutical companies are exploring neem and its parts to see if it can be treated to cure various sexual and diseases and most of all its efficacy in treating them.

Neem as a Contraceptive

Neem has been used to manufacture both male as well as female contraceptives, made from neem oils and extracts. They are not only found to be effective but also have no side effects. According to researches conducted, it is better than the other contraception methods, as it has a lower failure rate.

Neem and Sex Diseases

Neem oil and leaf, bark extracts have compounds which help in preventing curing sexually transmitted diseases, like syphilis and gonorrhea. It is also being tested if it can be a potent cure for the widespread AIDS. According to certain clinical tests conducted in different countries, neem bark extracts is said to have produced immune stimulating reaction. Neem compounds have certain properties, which help in preventing the transmission or contracting of sexual transmitted diseases.

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