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Neem Pesticide

Neem Pesticide

Neem pesticides play a vital role in pest management and hence widely been used in agriculture. There has been an evident shift all over the world from synthetic pesticides to non-synthetic ones; this is largely because of the wide spread awareness of the side effects of these synthetic pesticides on not only plants and soil but also other living organisms. This is a great opportunity for neem pesticides manufacturers to cash on the growing popularity of natural or herbal pesticides. Neem pesticides are being manufactured and exported to various countries as a lot of research has been conducted to test the safety and efficacy of neem for use as a pesticide. Azadirachtin is the main ingredient used to manufacture bio pesticides.

Parts of Neem used for Manufacturing Pesticides

Neem oil and seed extracts are known to possess germicidal and anti-bacterial properties which are useful to protect the plants from different kinds of pests. One of the most important advantage of neem-based pesticides and neem insecticides is that they do not leave any residue on the plants.
Neem pest contol is very beneficial for proper crop and pest management.

Neem Pesticide Benefits of Neem Pesticides
  • It also helps to nourish and condition the soil.
  • It is environmental friendly.
  • It is non toxic.
  • Can be used in combination with other pesticide and oil for more effectiveness.
  • Instead of killing pest, it affects the life cycle of the pests.
  • Anti feedant properties found in neem compounds helps to protect the plants.
  • Pests generally do not develop a resistance to neem based pesticides.
  • Neem pesticides are generally water soluble and help in the growth of the plants.
  • Acts as pest repellent.
  • Acts as pest reproduction controller.
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