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Neem Seeds

Neem Seeds

Neem seeds are one of the most useful part of the tree, finding use in different industries to make range of products. It has the maximum number of compounds with curative properties. It is used to manufacture effective pesticides as seeds have the highest content of azadirachtin.

Raw Neem Seed : Raw neem seed can also be used in powdered form as a soil conditioner and promoting the growth of plants.

Neem Seed Extract : Used in agriculture, medicines, oral care, ayurveda and unani system of medicine.

Neem Seed Oil : It possesses medicinal properties and is used for large number of diseases. Used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agriculture, veterinary diseases.

Neem Seed Processing

Cleaning : Foreign material and impurities like dirt, stones, sticks, stems etc have to be removed by means of screen-air-separator and destoner. There are machines that separate light, oversize and undersize impurities.

Depulping : Fruits are soaked in water for a few days which helps to remove the skin and get the seed, they are then dried which can in turn be of tray or rotatory type. Thereafter seeds or fruits are dehulled into impact hullers.

Extraction: Seeds are then be treated with water based and organic solvents to make concentrated extracts.

Neem Seeds Use of neem seed

Neem seed is used for livestock production as it has a very high nutritional value, it has large quantities of protein, which makes it all the more valuable. It can however not be used for food because of its bitter taste and foul odour. Compounds containing sulphur such as nimbidin, nimbosterol are responsible for the bitter taste of seeds and a principle, tignic acid is the cause of foul smell of seeds; they also have high insecticidal properties.

Neem seed in the raw and extracts form is also used to manufacture facial creams, body lotions and other cosmetics seeds are also highly useful in preparing drugs and medicines both in traditional system such as ayurveda as well as modern allopathic drugs.

Neem seeds are also widely used by farmers and agriculturists as a natural pesticide and insecticide, neem extracts inhibit the growth of insects by altering their life cycle.

Neem seeds are also used in hair care products right from shampoo to hair lotions etc.

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