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Neem Bark

Neem Bark

Bark of the neem tree contains medicinal properties and is used in a number of industries. Neem bark has traditionally been used in a number of medicine systems like Ayurveda, Unani etc. It is used to manufacture a number of skin and personal hygiene products. It is a multi functional as well as multi utility natural product and without any side effects.The bark contains 3.43% protein, 0.68% alkaloids and 4.16% minerals.Polysaccharides in neem bark extracts is said to have possess anti-tumor as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Use of Neem Bark in Industries

Neem bark finds varied uses in a number of industries. Manufacturers use it in either raw form or in extracts or powdered form to produce a number of products.

Herbal Industry

The medicinal properties of neem bark makes it a popular ingredient in a number of herbal medicines, herbal cosmetics. Neem bark is extensively used in preparation of Ayurveda and Unani system of traditional medicines. It is also used to manufacture herbal teas with curative properties.

Agricultural Industry

Neem bark has proved to be a boon for farmers. It finds immense use in agricultural industry; the bark possesses insect repellent properties and are used as herbal pesticides, insecticides etc. It helps to retard the growth of insects and pests.

Oral Care Industry

Neem BarkNeem bark is used as an active ingredient in a number of tooth pastes and tooth powders. This is so, because neem bark has anti bacterial properties, good for curing gum problems and maintaining dental health naturally; Bark powder and extracts are used in treating fevers and stomach problems. Studies show that neem bark is more active than the leaves against certain bacteria

Cosmetic Industry

Herbal cosmetics have become very popular in the last few years, this is because of the fact that men and women realise that herbs not only have therapeutic value but also do not have any side effects. Neem bark is used as extracts or powdered form in a number of herbal cosmetics.Acne treating and other skin creams used neem bark to cure pimples and improve the skin condition.

Tanning and Dyeing Industry

Neem bark contains tannin, so it is useful in tanning and dyeing a number of products.

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