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Neem Cure for Degenerative Diseases

June 14, 2010-

As everyone knows that Neem has high remedial properties and hence, it is used for various medicinal purposes. Here are few Neem benefits which help in different degenerative diseases.

Diabetes: Diabetes is a disease of excessive sugar content in the body, Neem being extremely bitter counteracts the problem of increased sugar levels. This balancing treatment was first introduced in Ayurveda but now it is used in almost all diabetic related treatments.

Neem-The Medicinal Herb
Neem-The Medicinal Herb

A regular consumption of Neem tea or Neem leaf extract can prove helpful in curbing the insulin requirements of the body. Besides, the Neem tablets available in the market are safe and doesn't even have any side effects too.

Arthritis: Arthritis is another degenerative disease which has found its perfect cure in Neem. As per the traditional ayurveda, Neem seed, Neem leaf and bark can be effective treatment for arthritis. Now, the modern clinical studies too have confirmed use of Neem for reduction in progression of Arthritis, Arthiritic pain and inflammation.The polysaccharides and other compounds of Neem leaf extract are highly effective in controlling the swelling rendered to the body by arthritis. Also, Nimbidin or the Neem seed possesses immense healing properties to cure the disease of Arthiris.

Chronic Fatigue: Epstein Barr virus and Candida Albicans Fungus, the two main causes of chronic fatigue are effectively curable with Neem. Since the immune system becomes compromised during chronic fatigue, Neem helps in enhancing the immune system on a cellular level thereby, curing the condition.

Rheumatism: The medicinal benefits of Neem come handy in treating Rheumatism or Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is an ailment which cause serious inflammation and pain in the body. Though, modern medication follows the strong treatment of drugs like Phenyl Butazone and cortisone but research and studies have proved that Neem leaves are equally effective in Rheumatism as are the requisite drugs that too minus side effects. Regular dose of a Neem leaf tablet and application of Neem cream can work wonders for the pain and inflammation in such a situation.

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