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Neem Toothpaste for Health Gums and Teeth

February 17, 2011-
Neem Toothpaste
Neem Toothpaste

At this time can you think of cleaning your teeth without toothpaste and tooth brush? I am sure no. But people earlier and even now in the villages clean their teeth and gums with neem datun or neem twig as neem is just excellent for dental care. You need to chew the neem datun for a long time for the cleaning action. If you do not have this much time then you can simply switch to neem toothpaste that has neem extract and can give you all the hygiene you required for your mouth.

Neem toothpaste is also known as the herbal neem toothpaste or organic neem toothpaste that kills bacteria and viruses residing in mouth because of food we eat. Also this paste wont have any artificial coloring and contains antibacterial properties because of neem. Natural products also give long lasting mouth freshness that is not achieved by any synthetic product. So cleanliness, hygiene, long lasting freshness are the factors which are diverting buyers' mind towards herbal product these days.

Neem toothpaste also contain cinnamon, mint, babool, turmeric, camphor and clove that are again beneficial for your teeth. All these are better than the fluorides and sulphates that are found in synthetic toothpastes. You might not like the taste of neem tooth paste at first shot but once you develop the habit of using it then you cannot change it.

With neem toothpaste you will feel fresh after brushing that we do not feel with normal toothpaste. Also the herbal neem toothpaste removes the stains from the teeth and will bring back the natural color of your teeth, neem toothpaste that contains neem bark is the most effective but most of the toothpaste manufacturers do not use neem bark as it brownish color to the paste which is not acceptable to the buyers as they buy the product that looks presentable to eyes. Also before buying neem tooth paste make sure to read the ingredients. After all you want to buy herbal product and if it contains any chemical then the purpose of it would be wasted. Avoid chemicals like fluoride and SLS.

Neem Toothpaste Advantages

  • It prevents the gum diseases and also heals them.
  • Neem tooth paste also prevents the cavities by eliminating bacterias that cause cavities.
  • Any kind of gum inflammation can also be cured with this.
  • It enhances the immunity of mouth.
  • With will have more freshness of breath.
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