Neem Tooth Paste

Dental care has become a very thought after issue for almost all people of every age. A general inclination towards natural products has of late increased the popularity of herbal toothpastes too. Herbal neem toothpaste has a place of homour among all ther other natural and herbal tooth pastes due to the many benefits offered by the very useful neem.

Neem Tooth Paste- for Best Oral Hygiene

Neem Tooth Paste
Neem Tooth Paste

Numerous researches conducted on neem to test its efficacy in treating dental problems have led to the conclusion that it is indeed, a good-naturally occurring plant helping to maintain the oral hygiene and keeping dental problems at bay. Neem oil is used to manufacture toothpaste, it is also being used to make medicated toothpastes.

High quality herbal neem toothpaste are being manufactured and marketed the world over to meet the growing demand for natural products away from synthetics and which are more effective and also have no side effects.

Ingredients for Herbal Neem Toothpaste

Neem oil and extracts are also used as active ingredients by ayurveda practitioners to cure dental aches, improve the strength of gums and keep the teeth germ free. The anti bacterial quality in neem helps to fight germs round the clock, prevent tooth decay, eliminate bad breath, and ensure strong teeth.

According to tests conducted in different countries, it has been concluded that Neem extracts not only prevent tooth decay, but also prevent inflammations of the gums. Concentrated leaf extracts are especially used in most of herbal neem tooth paste and medicated tooth pastes. Neem bark extracts are also sometimes used in herbal toothpastes.


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