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Neem Twig

Neem Twig

Neem twig has lots of pharmacological properties and is used to manufacture oral care products. It is used to manufacture herbal toothpastes and powders. It has found mention in the early vedic texts, for being of immense importance in maintaining oral hygiene. A neem twig is considered a very effective natural or herbal toothbrush, while its fibres clean the teeth, its juice works both as a mouth freshener and has germ-killing properties. It has also been used for a long time now, for manufacturing organic manure. They are being grown and exported to countries for meeting different uses.

Form of Neem Twig

  • Raw Twig
  • Twig Extracts
  • Twig Oil
  • Twig Powder
Neem Twig

Properties of Neem Twigs

  • Anti Pyretic
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti fungal
  • Germicidal

Use of Neem Twigs in Industries

Agriculture : Neem twig can be used to manufacture mulch and natural manure.

Oral Care : Neem twig extracts and powder are used to manufacture tooth pastes and tooth powders. It helps to strengthen and ward off gum diseases, keeps the teeth stronger and help prevent periodontal diseases.
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