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Neem Incense Sticks

Neem Incense Sticks

Neem is also being used to manufacture herbal and natural incense sticks. Fragrances have known to refresh the human mind, body and soul. According to number of researches conducted, it can help achieve mental clarity, soothe the nerves, and sharpen senses. Neem incense sticks are gaining popularity because of the fact that they not only provide fragrance but at the same time is useful to drive away insects and mosquitoes.

Another factor which contributes to their success is the fact that these sticks are not toxic and do not emit any harmful fumes. They can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor purpose. Manufacturers and exporters are coming out with numerous blends of natural fragrances to produce high quality incense sticks as there is a growing market for these products especially in countries like US, UK and Australia.

Advantages of Neem Incense Sticks
  • Can be used along with other natural fragrances to soothe the mind widely used in aromatherapy.
  • Can be used to drive away mosquitoes, without harming the people around.
  • No danger of toxic or harmful emission of fumes.
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