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Natural, Eco-Friendly Organic Neem

March 26, 2011-
Organic Neem
Organic Neem

Organic neem is actually the neem tree that is grown organically without chemicals and fertilizers. All parts of the neem tree then will be organic which are used in number of different ayurvedic medicines. Organic neem is effectively used as insect repellent, pest control etc. So you can keep the mosquitoes, flies, and pest away with organic neem leaves and organic neem spray. Organic neem soap is good for almost all kinds of skin diseases. Ayurvedic practitioner recommends the use of organic neem soap at first instance.

The WHO/UNEP1989 has also identified neem as environmentally 'powerful' natural pesticides. It is also known as one of the most promising trees of the 21st century. Neem tree is great in the fields of Environment Protection, Pest Management and Medicine.

Organic Neem Products

Almost every part of neem has one or other kind of benefit. With neem leaves you can treat ulcers, eczema, boils and other skin diseases.

Neem is effective contraceptive so not recommended if your are pregnant or want to conceive.

Neem oil is good for skin but do not consume it as harmful if ingested.

Organic neem paste can treat chickenpox as well as small pox.

Organic neem oil is used in various cosmetics like soaps, shampoos, hand and body lotions and creams

Because of so many benefits organic neem tree is grown in more than 30 countries worldwide. Although it grows in Asian countries like India but now successfully neem tree has been grown in North America as well. Also it is grown for reforestation.

"The Neem Foundation" a worldwide foundation is helping people by spreading the awareness about neem benefits. It is telling people on how to incorporate neem in daily life to live healthy life.

List of Organization Giving Organic Neem Certification

USDA- National Organic program (USDA-NOP)
EUROPEAN UNION Organic program (EC)
NATIONAL STANDARDS for Organic program (NSOP)
JAS - Japan Agricultural standard (Tab 1 & 2 )
BFA - Biological Farmers of Australia (NNEEM OIL)
CEE - Central and Eastern European Countries (2092/91)
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