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Benefits of Neem Leaf Extract

December 06, 2010-

Neem leaf has many medicinal properties and recommended to treat skin disorders, and various kinds of skin infections. Although you can use the neem paste but it is actually the neem leaf extract that is beneficial for the skin.

Process of Making Neem Leaf Extract

Neem leaf extract is very easy to make in a very simple and easy steps. For this first the green and fresh leaves of neem are taken and dried partially. Partially dried neem leaves are then crushed and turned into powder. The powder then is kept in organic or aqueous solvent. This gives the concentrated neem leaf extract.

Benefits of Neem Leaf Extract

Cure Hair and Skin Problems

It has been found in various research studies that neem leaf extract is used to cure many types of hair and skin problems. You can cure eczema, dandruff, itching and even ulcers with neem leaf extract. The extract is used in many skin care creams and lotions.

Solve Your Dental Problems

Neem leaf extract is used to cure many dental problems that otherwise are difficult to handle. It is an active ingredient in neem toothpaste to cure cavity and problems related to gums. For more benefits you can even use the neem twig as a morning tooth brush. The benefits are because of the antibacterial properties of neem leaf extract.

Neem Powder
Neem Leaf

Cure Diabetes with Neem Leaf Extract

Diabetes is a disease that is caused due to improper insulin level in the blood that is responsible for maintaining the sugar level. Neem leaf extract contains certain bitter elements that helps in curing the diabetes. If the hereditary diabetes can be cured by using neem.

Anti Cancer Neem Leaf

Limonoids and polysaccharides present in neem leaf are responsible for the anti cancer property of neem. This also boosts the immune system and destroys the cancer cells present in colon.

Detoxification by Neem

Neem leaf extract detoxifies your blood and gives you a clear and clean skin. Along with this it also gives strength to the immune system thus making you strong internally.

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