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Effective Dental Health Care Tips

Teeth Health Care
Dental Health Care
January 11, 2011- Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond.  -Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote, 1605

Living up to the dental quote you need to have a fantastic teeth and healthy gums. If not this then you will lose your precious God gifted diamonds before the expected age. Dental health care tips even help you in having the beautiful teeth forever so that you can enjoy the taste's of the world.

Numerous dental health care tips are there but in order to reap the benefit it is advised to follow one dental health care tip diligently and then compare the results. The first dental health care tip is always brushing your teeth with soft brush and avoid brushing for too many times a day. For better result brush twice a day and one for sure before going to bed. Now in addition to this there are many other dental health care tips that can be followed to have strong, white and long lasting teeth. But before that lets have a quick look what causes the dental problems.

What Causes Harm To Your Teeth?

All of us know that excess of smoking, drugs and consuming alcohol, tea, coffee and beverages for sure gonna mark huge negative difference on your teeth. In addition to these there are many other things that cause harm to teeth.
  • Brushing in excess leads to weak teeth. So do not brush more than 2 times a day. But if you want to do this then take a very soft brush for this.
  • Avoid having salad with dressing of vinegar or lemon everyday. Any kind of acidic food damages the teeth if taken on regular basis.
  • If you are a diabetic patient then you need extra care for your teeth. In diabetes the sugar level increases in the body that leads to more saliva production. Because of this the enamel over the teeth becomes weak that leads to very sensitive teeth.
  • If you are following any kind of tooth whitening procedure or going for the regular teeth cleaning then for sure you are causing damage to your teeth. As far as possible avoid this.
  • According to British dentists from the University of Bristol Dental School consuming excessive herbal tea and fruit-flavored herbal tea can cause teeth damage.
  • In certain researches it has been found out by the scientists that using anti-inflammatory eye drops can cause dental problem. Use of anti-inflammatory eye drops leads to less saliva production. Less saliva leads to tooth damage as harmful acids, compounds and bacteria are now in direct contact with teeth. So if you are using eye drops and at the same time having the problem of mouth dryness then keep a control and check on these.

Effective Herbal Dental Health Care Tips

Dental diseases like dental decay and periodontal (gum) diseases are one of the most common diseases affecting the advanced society. Check out the easy herbal dental health care tips to protect your teeth.
  • Neem of one of the most effective dental care product that does not have any side effect. Neem twig is used all across India to clean the teeth. People using neem twig have great teeth. In addition to this there are various neem oral hygiene products that can be used to clean and to keep the teeth healthy.
  • Another very important herb that is used in herbal dental care is the holy basil. For this take few leaves of holy basil and dry these under Sun. After drying make powder of these and brush with this powder to get white and shinning teeth. This also controls the pyorrhea (bleeding in gums).
  • Feel the freshness for the whole day by brushing your teeth with twig of Babul (Acacia arabica).
  • Take mustard oil and pinch of salt. Mix these two and rub it on your teeth with finger. This leads to strong and white teeth.
  • Swollen and gums that bleed can be cure by gargling water extracted from boiling black plum (jamun) leaves in water. Do gargling twice a day. This give teeth the necessary vitamin C.
  • Avoid excessive spicy, hot and cold food.
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