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Neem Uses

June 02, 2010-

Neem is known for the multiple benefits that it renders to the mankind. With immense healing property, it is one such herb which can cure most of the skin and hair problems. Below are few tips on how neem can be used as effective home remedies. The multiple uses of neem and neem products for problems like skin problem like allergy, pimples, acne, athletes foot or other feet related problem, head lice and dandruff, sinusitis etc. are discussed below:

  • If you are ailing with sinusitis then 2 drops of pure neem oil as nasal drop twice a day can help a great deal in controlling the problem.
  • For a thorough skin protection neem leaves can be boiled in water and added to the bathing water with few drops of rose water, once it has cooled down.
  • In case of athletes foot or other feet related problem, one can soak feet in lukewarm boiled neem leaves water.
  • Neem leaves can also be used for making eyewash to get rid of conjunctivitis and itching. Neem eyewash can be made by boiling freshly cleaned 10 neem leaves in one liter water for 10 mins. Such eyewash would have a soothing effect on eye.
  • For pimples, acne, allergies or other skin infections, use pure neem leaf paste on the effected portion and you can witness the healing results within 2-3 days itself.
  • In case you are bugged by the problem of head lice and dandruff, a one hour neem oil massage with coconut or olive oil thrice a week repeatedly for three weeks can help clean the head a great deal.
  • Chewing 2-5 neem leaves everyday, controls diabetes, purifies blood and also puts hyper acidity at bay.
  • Another important use of neem leaves is to ward off the mosquitoes. If an earthen lamp is lighted using 5-10 portions of neem oil with its regular lamp oil, then it can effectively help in getting rid of the mosquitoes.
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