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Neem Treatments for Acne

June 25, 2010-

Ayurvedic neem skin products are quite popular these days. In fact now-a-days, neem cosmetics have become a rage. These products are handy in curing a number of skin problems. Following are few neem based suggestions which can help get rid of acne effectively.

  • Neem soap can be an effective option to get rid of acne. One can use it by putting the soap lather onto the problem spot and and leave it as it is for a fews to wash it off later. Its antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antiparasitic qualities make it a wonderful treatment for acne.
  • Neem supplements can be another source of treating acne. These neem supplements are basically made up of neem leaves and hence, carry all the characteristic traits of neem tree which helps in clearing the skin. 1 capsule a day for 40 days would be enough to clear all the signs of acne.
  • Neem Powder
    Neem Powder
  • A week long anti-acne program involving the intake of neem supplements and application of neem based acne cream on pimples can help a great deal in cleaning acne. It is a dual process of treating the acne from internally with the intake of tablets and the treatment from outside through acne cream, making sure that the problem is cured completely.
  • Neem oil effectively reduces the rashes and swelling of acne prone skin by eliminating the bacteria from the deepest pores of skin. The fatty-acid rich neem oil prevents and treats the acne scars effectively.
  • A neem clay mask can be another option for treating acne. A few drops of neem oil in bentonite clay should be applied to the face to wash it off after 10 minutes.y.
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