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Effectiveness of Neem in Birth Control

Neem for Birth Control
Neem for Birth Control
January 03, 2011-

Importance of neem as birth control has now been recognized across the world that earlier was known only to the specific parts of world especially India. Neem oil and allied products for birth control are non irritating and 100 effective in comparison to other contraceptives and creams that are not that useful. So the potential of neem in birth control is gaining immense popularity these days.

It is safe method without any side effect and protects you from pregnancy as well as any sexually transmitted disease. It has been found out in various small studies that neem oil is very safe and an effective contraceptive both before and after sex especially the hexane extracted neem oil.

Neem oil can immobilizes the sperms within 20-30 sec of their coming in contact with neem. Neem oil remains active for about 5 hours. Neem oil actually works on the body immune system making it more stimulated and active. This stimulated immune system kills the sperms.

Also the neem oil is a great lubricant that restricts the sexually transmitted diseases.

"In the first century B.C., Charaka, the Indian physician, gave a detailed method for using neem for contraception. Cotton soaked in neem oil was kept in the vagina for fifteen minutes before intercourse. This killed the sperm."


Neem is effective both in case of male as well as female. In case of male it actually decreases the production of sperms that is regained to normal after stopping the neem consumption.

After a long research and study in India neem based polyherbal vaginal cream has been developed by the scientists that is both anti-microbial and spermicidal in action. After seeing the success of this cream many such products were then developed by pharmaceutical companies in India.

Avoid neem oil if you are pregnant as it can also kill the embryo.

Also do not experiment on your own. Visit you physician before taking any neem capsules or cream.

Studies on Neem for Birth Control

Neem as Birth Control for Women

Vaginal creams and medicines that are made from neem oil are becoming the birth control method especially in India. (Paranjapo and Paranjapo, 1993); (Garg, et al, 1993); (Riar, et al, 1993).

Neem based contraceptive and birth control pills also reduce the chances of getting vaginal and sexually transmitted diseases. (Upadhyay, et al, 1990); (Garg, et al, undated); (Lal, et al, 1985); (Sinha, et al, 1984).

Neem prevents the pregnancy (Juneja, 1990); (Sharma, 1959a/b).

Neem oil that is used for birth control in the post coital stage does not change the hormone but there is a change in the organs that makes the pregnancy difficult. (Tewari, 1989) (Bardham, 1991)

Neem as Birth Control for Men

Neem can be a truly effective birth control pill for men. (Riar, 1988).

Experiments both in India and United States, have shown that fertility in male monkeys have reduced to a great extent. This does not effect the libido or sperm production at all. (Sharma, et al, 1987).

The local lymph nodes showed increased ability to respond to infections indicating an immune response may be responsible for the birth control effect in men as it is in women. (Upadhyay, 1993).

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