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The Multiple Benefits of Neem Leaves

August 26, 2010-

The 'nature's drugstore'-neem tree, is acknowledged as the best medicinal tree. From its branches to its roots, every single part of it has different uses and benefits to cure multiple body disorders. Mentioned here are few benefits that neem leaves offer to the mankind:

Purifies Blood / Reduces Blood Sugar

Chewing the neem leaves early in the morning with honey can help a great deal in blood purification and boosting up the immune system. Neem leaves happen to eliminate toxins from the body hence, purifying the blood and also reducing the sugar levels from the body. Along with that the chewing of leaves cleans the teeth too!

Protective Anti-Fungal Treatment for Skin

Neem Pest Fumigant
Neem Leaves

Using boiled neem leaves water for bathing purposes helps protect skin from all kinds of fungal infections. The boiling of neem leaves in water, makes the water a healthy, remedial solution for various skin problems. Maintenance of hygiene in private body parts and getting rid of body odour are other benefits of bathing with a neem leaves treated solution.

Treats Pimple and Acne

Neem leaves paste is a proven solution for pimple and acne. Regular application of neem leaves face pack on skin can help clearing up acne and pimples to a great extent.

Treats Dandruff

Application of neem leaves paste on scalp on regular intervals can help treating dandruff from the very core. Besides, applying neem paste on scalp and shampooing it off later can help in getting rid of itchy scalp and scalp acne. Now-a-days various neem hair care products are available in the market but nothing is more effective than unadulterated homemade neem leaves paste.

Prevents Moth Infestation

Sun dried neem leaves powder if kept in cupboards or other storage places, can help in preventing moth infestation. Dried neem leaves powder can be held in cloth pouches and placed in dark corners of cupboards or stores so as to keep all kinds of moths and insects at bay.

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