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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs with Home Remedies and Neem

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs
Getting Rid of Bed Bugs
January 19, 2011- Are you looking for the tips on getting rid of bed bugs? You have come to the right place as here we are presenting information on bed bugs and tips on how to get rid of bed bugs.

About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the small insects that reside inside your bed and suck your blood or warm blooded animals for their survival. These belong to family Cimicidae that are the blood suckers. Length of an adult bed bug is about an inch and their eggs have the size of a poppy seed. Size of the larvae is that of rice grain. Bite of the bed bug is like that of mosquito bite. Bed bugs in addition to bed also resides in all couches, table, sofa, chair etc.

Bed bugs are found in warm temperatures which on maturity acquires reddish brown color and flattened oval shape. Bed bug is active only at night and lives in hidden and dark places during day time. It better to hire the professionals to look for the bed bugs if you are entering into a new home.

Risk Factors of Bed Bugs

  • Plague and hepatitis B can be caused by the pathogen that are found in the bodies of bed bugs.
  • You may get skin infection with the bed bug bite.
  • Some people experience anaphylactic shock as they are allergic to bed bug saliva.
  • Removal of bed bug may cost you as you may need the help of professionals here.
  • Very strong smell comes from a place that is infested by huge number of bed bugs.

How To Know Bed Bug Infestation

Neem for Bed Bugs
Bed Bug
  • Bed bug bite on your body. But before reaching to the conclusion make sure that there is no other insect from which you got the bite.
  • Locate the dried blood spot (known as fecal spots) on the box spring, headboards or on seams.
  • Find the shedded skin of bed bug which they shed during their nymphal stage. This skin looks like hollowed-out bug.
  • You can pinpoint the 1 millimeter long bed bug although with difficulty. These are of the shape of rice.

Neem for Bed Bugs

Neem is the natural repellent and used to get rid of many small to large insects. Neem oil can prevent the bed bug bite as the oil repel the insect. For this apply neem oil on your body. But you cannot eradicate bed bug by just spraying the neem oil. This will keep the insect away from you but it wont eradicate it.
Insecticidal properties of neem remains effective for a week. For this period bed bug will remain hidden and come out after that period. Although you can keep the insect away from you with neem but if you home is already infested with bed bug then you neem a strong insecticide that can kill the bed bugs instantly.

Bed Bug Home Remedies

  • Keep the clothing, footwear, toys and other such non-launderable items in the dryer for certain period of time. This very effectively kills the bed bug and a good way for getting rid of bed bug. This is a good bed bug treatment.
  • If you are living in place that has ample Sunlight then better to keep your bedding and other under Sun for once in a week.
  • Insecticide - Diatomaceous Earth has been proved to be very effective bed bug killer. This insecticide is made from the fossilized remains of hard-shelled algae. Bed bug after coming in contact with this diatomaceous earth dies quickly.
  • For immediate relief use mattress encasements which is a very effective way for getting rid of bed bug instantly. It will seal off the bed bugs and wont leave any gap for the bed begs to come out and attack you.
  • Also while doing the mattress encasement make sure to keep your bed away from the wall so that no bug can travel from the wall to bed. Also paste double-sided duct tape around each leg of the bed to restrict the movement of the bed bug.
  • Wash the bed covers, bed sheets, pillow covers and other furnishing items of the home regularly. This will prevent the bed bug infestation. If these are infested then use very hot water or high heat to treat these.
  • Bed bug infestation can be prevented by putting lavender sachets all around your home.
  • Apply alcohol on your body after bath and before going to bed. Alcohol is a great bed bug repellent.

Note: But if getting rid of bed bug remains a daunting task for you then you must hire a bed bug exterminator who has the knowledge, training and the required bed bug equipment to kill the insect.
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