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Benefits of Neem Oil for hair

June 09, 2010-

Neem (Azadirachta Indica) is known for its various medicinal and remedial benefits. One such benefiting product for hair is the neem hair oil. Since a healthy mane is the result of a healthy scalp, one needs to take extra care of it. Neem oil is useful for nourishing the scalp and getting rid of foreign agents like lice and dandruff. Though neem oil is not the only solution, traditional Indian beauty treatments make use of neem leaves too. In fact, neem leaf paste is a popular hair conditioner, also, neem leaf tea (watery extract) can be used as a rinse to avoid hair loss. Such neem based treatments help in soothing irritation, nourishing the scalp, preventing dryness or flaking and thus, improving the overall immunity and health of hair and scalp. In nutshell, neem benefits the scalp exactly the same way as it does the skin.

Neem Hair Oil
Neem Hair Oil

Being a branch of the same tree, each and every part of neem tree, like, the leaves, the fruit, the bark etc. constitute of same ingredients but in different varied proportions. Neem oil has the highest concentration of Azadirachtin, hence, making it deadlier for various insects and parasites. Hair lice are also treated with neem oil, not only that, it also leaves the hair a lot more shinier, stronger and softer. The only drawback with neem oil is that it smells awful. Most of the people avoid using it for this reason only. Alternatively neem leaf can be used but generally, its hard to get hold of fresh neem leaves in the dwelling vicinity as compared to neem oil.

Oil in any form is good for scalp. Regular warm oil massage on the scalp would surely render positive effects on hair. Neem hair oil on other hand provides the dual benefit of a nourishing oil massage with the medicinal and remedial benefits of neem.

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