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Advantages of Raw Neem

June 30, 2010-

Neem is found to be the best herbal remedy for most of regular body disorders. The forms and ways of using neem are as varied as its uses, but it is neem in the most raw form that actually soothes the issues in the best possible manner. Raw neem intake is supposedly the best way to treat a health issue as it is far more effective than the neem pills and supplements which are available in the market.

Chewing neem leaves plucked from the neem plant in your garden is the most suited form of having neem. It is best suited to have them early in the morning with empty stomach. Wash them off nicely and chew them at one go without making an effort to realize its taste as the bitter taste and lead you to spit it off. Hence, chew it and swallow it as fast as possible. Avoid eating anything up to next one hour.

The advantages of raw neem are the same as that of the neem supplements and pills, with the only difference that raw neem renders much more instantaneous and effective results as compared to the neem capsules and supplements. Some of raw neem advantages are discussed as under:

Oral Care

Oral Care Chewing neem leaves helps a great deal in protecting gums from any kind of dental infection and bad breath. Besides, it also acts as a natural teeth whitener. Thus, raw neem actually happens to be a worthy oral hygiene product.

Stomach Infections

The extremely bitter tasting raw neem is quite effective in treating stomach infections and intestinal bacterias. Apart from that it also improves digestion and checks gastric problems too.

Skin Care

Regular and religious intake of raw neem helps one get a healthy, glowing skin and getting rid of skin infections or other itching problems etc.

Body Immunity

Raw neem effectively boosts immunity and vitality of the body. A regular consumption of neem leaves can be quite healthy for the overall body.

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