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Neem Tea

Neem herb is being used in different forms since ages for various benefits. Ayurveda uses neem leaves and other parts of neem in different ways. Neem tea is one of the very popular herbal medicines used by Ayurveda. Neem tea benefits are many that find base in the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and other such properties of neem. Lets know more about neem tea and neem benefits!

Neem Tea
Neem Tea

Neem tea is true essence of the wonder tree, neem and supposed to be one of the most healthy tea. Neem tea remedies are antibacterial, develop immunity, clean the system and happen to be very good blood purifier with being the best herbal multipurpose remedy as well.

The growing popularity of neem leaf tea has been because of the shifting consumer loyalty from synthetic to 100% natural or herbal products. Manufacturers are producing large scale quantities of neem tea as it does not contain caffeine and is targeted to health conscious people. Neem tea is produced by taking the whole neem leaf and infusing it in boiling water. Neem tea can also be made using powdered neem leaves and mixed it with boiling water. Natural neem tea bags are also increasingly becoming popular.Nowadays, this natural neem herbal tea also include blends of other herbs and are designed to fight diseases like common cold, cough, congestion, digestion problems etc.

Neem Tea Recipe: How to Make Neem Tea?

Use the Chinese method of preparing neem tea. That is, for 3 cups of water, use 10 neem leaves or 2 teaspoon neem powder. Boil the leaves till it boils down to two cups. You can add sugar or honey if you want to.

Neem Tea Benefits

Neem Tea Benefits have been quite well-known for several centuries, especially in the field of Ayurvedic medicine in India . Important benefits of neem tea are as follows:

  • Neem Tea treat malaria and other bacterial infections.
  • Neem Tea treat pneumonia.
  • Neem Tea help in treatment of various inflammatory conditions.
  • Neem Tea is helpful in treatment of diabetes.
  • Neem Tea can help treat heart disease and hyper tension.
  • Neem Tea can be used to counter gout and ulcers.
  • Neem Tea purify and cleanse the blood.

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