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Neem Coir

Neem Coir

Coir is the fibrous material derived from the outer husk of the coconut; used as an environmentally friendly replacement for peat in potting composts; it is enriched with neem to form natural neem coir, which helps to protect plants from insects and pests.

It also helps to reduce the dependence on pesticides and other harmful chemicals. This natural coir is available in both growing and potting medium. It is being exported to a number of countries as consumers get accostomed with the boon of natural neem products. It is getting famous because of its efficacy for each product.

Neem CoirBenefits of Neem Coir
  • Acts as a natural soil conditioner.
  • Increases the nutrients and fertility of soil.
  • It has a tendency to retain water and also highly porous, ensuring maximum growth of plants.
  • Eco-friendly and bio degradable.
  • Does not have any toxic effects on plants.
Use of Neem Coir in Different Sectors
  • Agriculture
  • Commercial Nurseries
  • Compost Manufacturers
  • Horticulture
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