Neem Tooth Powder

Neem Tooth Powder

The famous neem tree's powerful anti-bacterial properties make it nature's most effective germ fighter. It not only protects against cavities, bleeding gums but is also effective in offering natural protection for strong teeth & healthy gums. It does not have any side effects.

With the growing trend of increase in the awareness of the benefits of natural and herbal products, there has been an increase in the demand for herbal dental care products; neem being one the most effective natural source of dental care is being extensively used to manufacture high quality tooth powder and exported to western world. It has also been tested for anti plaque efficacy.

Parts of Neem used to Manufacture Tooth Powder

Neem Bark: Has been used by the traditional medicine systems practitioners, for its ability to maintain the general dental health and hygiene.

Neem Seed: Powdered neem seed are used and mixed with other natural occurring substances to manufacture tooth powder.

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