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Neem Repellent

Neem Repellent

Neem is used as an active ingredient for manufacturing insect/mosquito repellent spray and coil. This natural or herbal product is increasingly becoming popular as the fumes are non toxic and do not affect humans. Synthetic repellents and sprays affected the human body, so they are being replaced by the organic counterparts. Repellent creams are being exported to large number of countries infested with insects and mosquitoes.

Azadirachtin is the main compound possessing repellent properties and hence finds immense importance in agriculture and personal hygiene industry. Salannin is another compound in the tree, having insect and pest repellent properties.

Parts of Neem used for Manufacturing Repellent

Neem oil : The scent of neem oil prevents the insects from biting, thus acting as a herbal and safe repellent

Neem leaf extracts : have been successfully used to manufacture herbal and natural repellent creams and coils

Benefits of Neem Repellent

  • Acts as an anti feedant
  • Disrupts the life cycle of pest and insects
  • Non toxic and safe to use
  • Environmental friendly and bio degradable
  • No development of resistance to product by insects/pests
  • Continuous effectiveness
  • Reduces breeding of insects and pests by affecting their reproductive systems
  • Used to protect pets from pests and insects
  • Does not contain any synthetic components

Types of Neem Repellent

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