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Neem Seed Powder

Neem Seed Powder

Neem is being grown on a commercial basis for exporting to different countries. The seed powder is also being manufactured and exported for being used for personal and industrial use.

Use of Seed Powder

Agriculture and farming : Neem seed powder can be sprinkled in soil or used for manufacturing natural pesticide and insecticide. It helps to control and lessen the pest and insect population by affecting their life cycle.

Veterinary diseases : Used for curing eye problems in poultry, used as deworming medicine in livestock; also used as an animal feed.

Medicine : Neem seed powder is used to manufacture different medicines curing malaria, skin problems, eczema etc

Personal Hygiene Products : Neem seed powder is used to manufacture facial creams and lotion, medicated creams for acne and pimples, manufacturing herbal shampoos, hair lotions and hair conditioners.

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