Neem Herbs

Neem Herbs

Neem herbs have been used in a number of traditional medicine systems for centuries; Unani system of medicine, traditional Chinese method (TCM) are few examples. Neem herbs can be used either in raw form or extracts / powdered form as an active ingredient in medicines. Modern medicine companies also make use of this 'magical herb' to manufacture quality and effective drugs for large number of diseases and ailments.

Market for Neem Herbs

According to WHO estimates 80% of the world population depends on herbal products for their primary health care needs; with the ever increasing demand of 100% natural products, away from synthetics, the market for neem herbs is increasing not only in countries like India, but also leading western countries like US, UK, Europe, Australia etc.

Use of Neem Herbs in Different Industries

This famous and traditional natural system of curing a number of ailments uses this magical herb to cure different diseases; right from skin diseases to oral and dental problem, from hair disorders to gastrointestinal problems. It is used in a number blood purifying and detoxifying syrups and medicines.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Initially, the pharmaceutical companies, considered neem herbs to be nothing more than having a few medicinal properties, but after a number of research programs conducted all over the globe, companies are gradually giving this 'magical herb' a serious consideration as being a potent and safe ingredient for treating diverse health problems. Neem herbs are also used by pharmaceutical companies as a cure for diabetes.

Cosmetic and Personal Hygiene Industry

Neem herbs are used to manufacture a large number of herbal oral care products. The oral care manufacturers are relearning the benefits and properties of this traditional plant as an effective cure for dental ailments. The anti bacterial properties of neem herbs make it suitable to be an active ingredient in herbal toothpastes and powders.

Beverage Industry

Neem herbs are also of immense use in the herbal drink segment. Herbal tea and rejuvenating drink manufacturers use these highly effective herbs to cure different ailments like common cold, flu, relaxing the ming and body, energizing the body.

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