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Neem Contraceptive

Neem Contraceptive

Neem Contraceptive - An alternative for modern contraceptives
With the growing concern for safer, convenient and more effective contraceptives, medical companies are looking for other cheaper and more effective methods of contraception. This has resulted in neem now being used as an effective contraceptive without any side effects in a number of allopathic and ayurvedic medicines. Many research programs are being conducted world over to test the safety and efficacy of neem as a method for birth control. This natural contraception method is safe and cost-effective as compared to other drugs as its base is neem oil, which is available in plenty.

Contraceptive Properties in Neem Oil

According to research undertaken by leading ayurvedic and pharmaceuticals manufacturing companies; hexane extracted neem oil seems to be the most effective form of neem used for birth control. Most of the researches have been conducted in India- where the tree is found in abundance and is its native home.

It takes almost six weeks for neem to become 100% effective for the purpose; it also acts as a useful alternative for women who have difficulty with modern contraceptive options or who just want to try a different way.

Neem as a Female Contraceptive

Neem oil or leaf extracts have been used to manufacture safe and effective contraceptive products for women which can taken through oral or vaginal routes of application. It has been reported to have spermicidal action and has a low failure rate as compared to other methods. Moreover modern contraceptive pills have some or the other side effects, but neem contraceptive pills, being a natural products does not have any. When induced intra vaginally, it is said to be almost 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.

Neem as a Male Contraceptive

Neem leaf extracts have been found to be effective as a male contraceptive and is being used to manufacture contraceptive pills, without any side effects. Though the use of men contraceptive pills is not popular but soon it will become popular because of the fact that it causes no harm to the body. Neem bark extracts is also said to have arrested spermatogenesis.

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