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Neem Kernel

Neem Kernel

Kernel is the inner part of the neem seed, it is generally soft. It is the richest source of neem oil and is used widely in agriculture. They are dehulled and grinded for extraction. Kernels can either be aqueously extracted or with a solvent depending on which active compound is required.

Forms of Neem Kernel
  • Raw Kernel
  • Kernel Extracts
  • Kernel Powder
  • Kernel Oil
Neem Kernel Benefits of Neem Kernel
  • Used in preparation of pesticides, insecticides and manure.
  • Can be used with neem cake and has anti feedant properties.
  • Used in crop and plant protection.
  • Used to manufacture skin products.
  • Used in ayurvedic medicines.
  • Used to protect cattle from ticks and lice
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