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Neem Fruit

Neem Fruit

Neem fruit is green in colour initially and gradually turns to yellow when fully ripened. A matured fruit is very fleshy and filled with sweetish fluid. Fruit contains 40-55% water content. Collection of fruits requires organized and planned plantation and collection efforts.

Types of Neem Fruit

For collection and storage purpose, neem fruits can be divided into four categories:

  • Dry (upto10 % moisture)
  • Semi-Dry (11-20% moisture)
  • Fresh (about 50% moisture)
  • Wet and damaged
Forms of Neem Fruit
  • Raw fruit
  • Fruit extract
  • Powdered fruit
  • Neem fruit juice
Neem Fruit Neem Fruit Processing
  • Cleaning
  • Depulping
  • Dehulling or Decortication
  • Grinding
  • Solvent Extraction or aqueous extraction
Use of Neem Fruit in Industries
Pharmaceutical Industry: Neem fruit, pulp and extracts are used to manufacture medicines and drugs curing diseases like diabetes, leprosy, skin disorders, constipation etc.

Cosmetic Industry: Powdered form or extracts of fruits are used to manufacture herbal shampoos, soaps, creams and ointments.

Agriculture Industry: Compounds present in neem fruits possess pest and insect repellent properties, therefore it is used on a large scale to manufacture bio and natural insecticides and pesticides.

Veterinary Use: seeds are said to be used for wildlife food. It is relatively non toxic to animals.
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