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Neem Pest Fumigant

Neem Pest Fumigant

Neem tree has been used against household, storage pests and crop pests. Neem pest fumigant is available in gaseous state and is used as a pesticide & disinfectant. It is being used by a large number of countries on a commercial basis by farmers and agriculturists. This 100% natural product is being exported as it is non toxic and does not affect the environment. It assumes more importance in developing countries where millions of deaths are reported every year due to the accidental intake of synthetic pest fumigants.

This natural fumigant not only kills pests but also affects them negatively by feeding and oviposition deterrence, mating disruption, inhibition of growth etc. According to studies undertake, neem fumigant helps to protect stored rice grains from pests. One of the major benefits of this organic fumigant is that pests do not develop resistance to it.

Parts of Neem used for Manufacturing Pest Fumigant
Neem oil and seed extracts are known to possess germicidal and anti bacterial properties which are useful to protect the plants from different kinds of pests. This natural product does not leave any residue on plants.

Neem Pest Fumigant Benefits of Neem Pest Fumigant:
  • Eco friendly
  • Does not harm other microorganisms
  • Non toxic
  • Does not contaminate terrestrial and aquatic environment
  • Pests do not develop resistance to it
  • No negative after effects
  • Relatively less expensive
  • Pest Repellent
  • Nourishes the soil
  • Pest reproduction controller
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